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Major gay scene in Southampton and, of course, Bournemouth and Brighton, all of which are accessible by public transport or road. Portsmouth and Reading are also worth a visit. There is a sauna in Southampton and other saunas in Portsmouth and Bournemouth.There’s also a gay beach near Bournemouth.

Brighton is the largest south coast gay scene and has it’s own selection of sauna’s and a gay beach

Probably the world’s largest gay scene is of course in London. It has something for everyone from bars, clubs, restaurants, to at least 10 saunas, and now probably has the world’s largest and most diverse gay scene in a single city. You name it, it will probably be happening in London!

We have contacts with gay people all over the area and therefore if you have any particular interests, or if you wish to visit somewhere not mentioned above, then we will do our best to advise you or put you in touch with someone who can.We also have contacts in other regions, and can recommend other accommodation or refer you to someone who will know.We would recommend that you contact us when planning a trip so that we can help you with our input at the earliest opportunity.

We appreciate however that this is not always possible and are quite happy to assist when you are here.